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  • "Opportunites of the use and integration of the "Green Growth" mechanisms into the system of strategic planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan", Almaty: Azia-Print, 64 p. 2010.
  • "Ecological-economic problems of Caspian shelf mastering". The collection of materials of the International scientific - practical conference. Aktau. - Almaty: DeLuxe, 164 p., 2006.
  • Publication of «Action Plan for 2007-2009 on the implementation of transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to sustainable development for 2007 – 2024” in Russian, English, Kazakh, 45 c.
  • Publication “Priorities of the Conception of Transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to sustainable development”, in Russian and English, 40 c, 2006.
  • Preparation of film “SD process in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, in Kazakh, Russian and English, 2006.
  • Publication of international training materials “Mechanism of perfection of waste management: economic and law aspects”. CD on Russian, 2006.
  • Yesekina B.K. Monograph “Sustainable development of economy in globalization”, 252 c, 2005.
  • Sustainable development of mining-metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan in globalization, 2005.
  • Progress of Kazakhstan towards sustainable Development, Al-pary magazine, N2, 2000
  • A new paradigm of development of mankind in the 21 century , ZherAna magazine N1,2, 2001
  • Use of Sustainable Development Indicators for Assessment of Sustainability of Social-economic System, Materials of NATO Science Workshop, 22-25.10.2001
  • Formation of informational system in the field of sustainable development in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Business world of Astana magazune, N2, 2001
  • Problems of formation of informational system in the field of sustainable development in Kazakhstan, Economics and statistics magazine, N2, 2002
  • Methodological aspects of assessment of sustainability of socio-economic systems , News of National Academy of Republic of Kazakhstan, N2, 2002
  • Model of Sustainable Development of Republic of Kazakhstan: assessment and perspectives, Materials of Conference of Institute of Economy of Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 2002
  • Brochure "Sustainable Development Indicators for Republic of Kazakhstan", Almaty, 2002
  • To a question on assessment of sustainability of social-economic systems. Materials of the international seminar "Problems of sustainable development: illusions, reality, forecast", Tomsk, November 13-15, 2002
  • Brochure "Kazakhstan's Accession to the WTO: Consequencies for Sustainable Development", Almaty, 2002
  • Yessekina B. Overview of international systems in the area of sustainable development. “Central Asia on the way to sustainable development”. Almaty, 2002
  • Yessekina B., Sapargali Sh. The Model for Assessment of sustainability of resources consumption in Kazakhstan. “Central Asia on the way to sustainable development”. Almaty, 2002
  • Kazakhstan’s accession to WTO: influence on sustainable development. Almaty, DeLux, 2003 (in Kazakh)
  • "Development of the Program of Sustainable Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Conceptual bases and mechanisms" 6.05.2003
  • «Sustainable Development Indicators for countries in Transition»,14.11.2003 (on CD)

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